Bullet Magnet, so called Bullet separator, is an efficient device for removing large pieces of iron tramps like nuts, bolts and nails from pipelines system to avoid damage to the downstream machines , which is widely used in the process of grain, powder feed, flour, mill, grain, plastics, kaolin and French chalk. This equipment is usually installed in gravity and pneumatically pipelines

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Magnetic Performance: 7000, 9000, 10000 (Easy clean), 11000 (Fixed) & 12000 (Fixed) Gauss Performance Reading: on tube surface Magnet Grade: N35 & N45 – Inspected and confirmed via hysterograph prior to use Temperature: -20°C / +60°C Pressure: + / - 1 Bar Construction Magnetic Material: Rare Earth Neodymium Iron Boron - (NdFeb) Housing: 316 grade stainless steel Tubing: 316 grade stainless steel Other Parts: 316 grade stainless steel Sealing: Metal detectable silicon rubber – Blue, FDA approved Surface Finish: Brushed internally / Polished externally to 1.2?m

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